What are the Pros of having Salt-Free Water Softening Tank?

Salt-free water softeners are large canisters with media in them that exchange ions in incoming water supplies and cleans out the hard minerals in the water and replaces them with other less harmful ions.

The size of the self-contained tank will depend on your home’s water needs. The larger your home, the larger tank you’ll need.

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Salt-Free Water Softening Tank Benefits

The tank gets attached directly to your incoming main water pipe that supplies water to the rest of the house.

Once you purchase your tank have it installed by a certified plumber. Installation shouldn’t take too long, probably less than half a day. You may think of water heaters for the winter seasons.

There are several advantages to using a system such as this. There are no salt bags to lug around. Traditional water softeners require you to add salt to the system every so often so the water can have heavier minerals removed and have them gradually replaced by salt.

The effect is that harder minerals like lead or calcium is replaced by sodium which doesn’t stick to your pipes. Salt bags can add expense over time and you have to remember to change them on time. Plus if you’re elderly you don’t want to handle heavy bags.

Another advantage to this system is that you don’t have to plug in a device that shunts the water into your softener tank. The salt free system simply runs the water over a media that replaces hard ions in the water and it’s done.

No mess, no fuss, not a single thing needs to be done to maintain the filter. This type of technology is more advanced than traditional systems for sure.

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What makes Salt-free Softening Tank unique?

Another advantage is that some systems are staunch water filters that will purify your water to the fullest and not leave any taste to your water.

I would still recommend a water purifier by the faucet because this water softener only removes stuff from before it hits the pipes in your house. After the softened water gets into your actual house’s pipes there still may be some gunk that needs to be filtered.

The enormous advantage a salt-free water softener has is the maintenance-free convenience of getting better and cleaner water for less hassle and ultimately less money.

Softened water has been shown to improve soap and detergent efficiency, improve water taste, and make your plumbing system work more efficiently.

A salt-free water softening system will also save you on possible maintenance later on if your pipes become clogged due to mineral deposits.

Overall, there are many perks to having a salt-free water softening tank installed in your home. Contact your local plumber or hardware store to see what they recommend for you.