About Me

I am not silly enough to believe you are reading the ‘About Me’ section because you care to learn about me.  You care about yourself and discerning if I am worth your time.  That’s what I like about you.   

Full disclosure:  I am not a foodie.  Wha?  Let me explain.

There was a brief moment I allowed the ‘foodie’ label to enter my identity, but then I discovered the Princeton WordNet definition:  “A person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment, especially of good food and drink.”

Devotion requires commitment.  Rambunctiousness is more interesting than refinement.  I’m more sloppy than sensuous.  I have no discernible palette.  I just don’t have enough pretentiousness in me or my food to be a true foodie.

Kitchen Reviewed Quotes

About Kitchen Reviewed

Definitions for ‘KitchenReviewed.Org’ better describe my kitchen and what you can expect from this blog:  “Cheerfully irresponsible; showing a lack of care for consequences, and punch drunk.”

Other items you may want to know about me and my kitchen before you invest yourself further:

  • I really don’t have a discernible palette.  White Castle jalapeno burgers are just as tasty to me as fresh oysters from the sea.  Both evoke the same amount of satiated enjoyment in the right situation.
  • My lack of palette is overcompensated by a hyper-sensitivity to texture.   When asked what I want to eat the mouth-feel answer often precedes the flavor.
  • Kitsch makes me happy.  Not necessarily themes, or tablescapes, or fancy-schmancy plating.  I have grand plans of hosting ‘things inside of other things’ and ‘surrealist food’ dinner parties. 
  • Rice Krispie treats confound me.  During the last attempt, it was a Snap, Crackle, Pop genocide ending with me scraping their remains from my kitchen ceiling.  This is not a technique blog.
  • The phrase ‘unmitigated disaster’ will be posted often.  In college, I thought a journal dedicated to insignificant results would be interesting and helpful.  How many studies have been replicated because befuddled scientists didn’t know their cohorts had already attempted the experiment?  I am applying that concept to kitchen failures.
  • I enjoy my time in the kitchen.  It’s fun.  I laugh a lot.  I get to experiment and I hope this blog brings a bit of that enjoyment to you.