What are the Pros of having Salt-Free Water Softening Tank?

Salt-free water softeners are large canisters with media in them that exchange ions in incoming water supplies and cleans out the hard minerals in the water and replaces them with other less harmful ions.

The size of the self-contained tank will depend on your home’s water needs. The larger your home, the larger tank you’ll need.

salt free softeners units

Salt-Free Water Softening Tank Benefits

The tank gets attached directly to your incoming main water pipe that supplies water to the rest of the house.

Once you purchase your tank have it installed by a certified plumber. Installation shouldn’t take too long, probably less than half a day. You may think of water heaters for the winter seasons.

There are several advantages to using a system such as this. There are no salt bags to lug around. Traditional water softeners require you to add salt to the system every so often so the water can have heavier minerals removed and have them gradually replaced by salt.

The effect is that harder minerals like lead or calcium is replaced by sodium which doesn’t stick to your pipes. Salt bags can add expense over time and you have to remember to change them on time. Plus if you’re elderly you don’t want to handle heavy bags.

Another advantage to this system is that you don’t have to plug in a device that shunts the water into your softener tank. The salt free system simply runs the water over a media that replaces hard ions in the water and it’s done.

No mess, no fuss, not a single thing needs to be done to maintain the filter. This type of technology is more advanced than traditional systems for sure.

salt free water softeners unique

What makes Salt-free Softening Tank unique?

Another advantage is that some systems are staunch water filters that will purify your water to the fullest and not leave any taste to your water.

I would still recommend a water purifier by the faucet because this water softener only removes stuff from before it hits the pipes in your house. After the softened water gets into your actual house’s pipes there still may be some gunk that needs to be filtered.

The enormous advantage a salt-free water softener has is the maintenance-free convenience of getting better and cleaner water for less hassle and ultimately less money.

Softened water has been shown to improve soap and detergent efficiency, improve water taste, and make your plumbing system work more efficiently.

A salt-free water softening system will also save you on possible maintenance later on if your pipes become clogged due to mineral deposits.

Overall, there are many perks to having a salt-free water softening tank installed in your home. Contact your local plumber or hardware store to see what they recommend for you.

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas of 2017

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas of 2017

Embarking on a kitchen remodeling project is one of the best ways to add value to your home. However, the process of renovating can be confusing for most of us.

To make the planning of your kitchen remodeling easier and much more enjoyable, you have to arm yourself with knowledge on many aspects of the kitchen, on building and remodeling, and even on interior design concepts.

During your journey of kitchen remodeling for the best kitchen, you will have to know a bit about appliances, backsplashes, cabinets, countertops, flooring, islands, lighting, painting, sinks, storage, and even kitchen windows.

Aside from the general principles of kitchen remodeling, your knowledge needs to be interspersed with details on the latest products on the market, the most popular designs, how to choose quality materials, how to choose a contractor, and how to budget wisely.

Small Kitchen ReModeling Ideas

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas of 2017

As an ordinary homeowner with the desire to make your dream kitchen come to life, you will find yourself facing countless design styles and a wide array of products. Arm yourself with knowledge about these, and you are sure to go about your kitchen remodeling plans with confidence and ease.

#1 Kitchen Remodeling Your Cabinets For A New Look

First off, take a look at your kitchen and see if you can achieve your plans by remodeling the cabinets alone. You can find a pro to help you assess your needs. Furthermore, some homeowners on a makeover will opt for cabinet refacing and finishing rather than a full cabinet replacement.

This is the budget friendly way to make a kitchen look like new. You do not have to change the whole kitchen if a cabinet remodel will do. Additionally, you do not have to replace the whole cabinet unit if its structure is still sound.

If you have traditional type kitchen cabinets that you want to make over, you can hire a remodeling contractor for installing storage organizers into the cabinet interiors. Thus you retain the traditional look while taking advantage of useful modern developments in kitchen cabinetry. This is one simple design tip that will do much to increase the value and functionality of your kitchens.

#2 Your Kitchen Remodeling The Storage And Organization System

Now that you have your cabinets, it is time to think about storage. How can you ever manage to organize all those gadgets, small appliances, cooking paraphernalia, food and ingredients without a proper storage system?

kitchen remodeling storage ideas

Small kitchens are especially needful of proper kitchen storage, although any size kitchen would do well to have a storage and organization system on hand. Therefore, kitchen storage is one of the things you should look at in a kitchen remodeling project.

There are interesting new ways to handle storage. Now’s your chance to check out the latest innovations and storage solutions available in the market today, as you are doing your kitchen remodeling plans. Tips for your room storage include pull out storage cabinets that will save you lots of space.

Then there are the new trends in kitchen shelving, deodorized stainless steel trash bins with automatic sensors, a selection of kitchen storage sets, food storage solutions, pot racks, wine racks, storage jars and bins, canisters, and boxes.

There are plastic storage solutions and there are wood. Thus, kitchen organization ideas for your kitchen remodeling could run from simple storage jars to whole pantries.

#3 Kitchen Remodeling With Color: Give Your Kitchen A Facelift With Paint

This works for sturdily built kitchens that have serviceable parts and materials but unfashionable kitchen design styles. Sometimes, paint is all you need to bring it back to fashion.

kitchen remodeling with paintOld kitchens with fresh paint can have strong appeal in terms of character and style. When kitchen remodeling these types of rooms, choose colors that work with the kitchen design style and the right shades and combinations of paint. Painting and refinishing are the most efficient decorative treatments for creating a stylish kitchen in an old house.

Examples of kitchen colors and paint that you could follow in your kitchen remodeling are the popular white kitchen, then warm yellows and rustic reds with a hint of green for a classic tuscan kitchen, then there are color combinations that make a color splash for a stylish modern kitchen.

Aside from painting the kitchen walls, some obsolete cabinet styles can be painted to achieve a more modern look. This will surely bring new life to old cabinets. Check your kitchen cabinet material if it can be painted instead of doing the more costly and time consuming kitchen cabinet refacing.

#4 Appropriate Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances have improved greatly since the first cooking stoves and refrigerators came out. The improvements are so great that, now that you are embarking on a kitchen remodeling project, it would be a good idea to change whatever old appliances you have and take advantage of these new developments in technology. It would make your kitchen a lot more energy efficient, for one thing. Changing for modern life, one must equip the kitchen with the latest appliances. You might be knowing about FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer, which adds value to your kitchen

From a designer’s point of view, the changes have been great too. Ideal designer kitchens have appliances that match the decor. For instance, stainless steel sinks and countertops and kitchen cabinet finishes pair with stainless steel refrigerators and stoves and various small appliances. You can have this for your kitchen remodeling, or you can go creative with a mix and match design scheme.

Major appliances that you could check out for your kitchen remodeling plans include refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers. Small appliances are the ones you place on countertops such as coffee makers, blenders, and the like.

Whatever the design scheme, always choose your appliances with thought to efficiency. After all, the kitchen is primarily a food preparation area, and appliances are the tools to make the task easier.

#5 Elegant And Functional Countertop Ideas

Why are countertops so important in a kitchen remodeling project? Countertops are special worktables for food preparation. It also serves as extra space for small appliances and as storage. Lastly, the countertops on kitchen islands can be used as a breakfast nook, or alternative space for other tasks unrelated to cooking, or for entertaining friends.kitchen remodeling countertops

Aside from its practical function, a well designed kitchen countertop can also add character to your kitchen interior. Both cabinets and countertops become the focus of attention as design elements in a kitchen.

In a fitted kitchen, countertops are usually installed on top of the cabinet structures. Professional-grade kitchens use stainless steel. These details are important to consider while planning for your kitchen remodeling project.

Some creative ideas for countertop designs include a butcher’s block wooden countertop, shaped countertops from concrete, or a mix-and-match style. The many materials used as kitchen countertops are granite, marble, engineered stone, soapstone, concrete, solid surface, stainless steel, wood, laminate, ceramic tile, and the limestone countertop. While planning your kitchen remodeling project, you can search for countertop brands in kitchen catalogs or showcases.

#6 Protect Your Walls With Beautiful Backsplashes

The main purpose of these beautiful wall surfaces is to serve as both border and protection for the wall areas near cooking stoves and sinks. With backsplashes in place, this area of your dream kitchens will last a longer time. Nevertheless, the placement and position of the kitchen backsplash makes it ideal as creative outlet for homeowners. Nobody can help but enjoy this decorative feature as they go about the cooking tasks.kitchen remodeling backsplash

When kitchen remodeling, you can unleash your wildest design styles on these strips of 4″ high material located between your countertop and your cabinets. There are plenty of backsplash materials to choose from and an infinite number of design choices. For instance, you can install a do-it-yourself mosaic mural as an accent art piece.

On the other end of the design spectrum, you can have it sleek and modern with a strictly functional stainless steel backsplash. Other choices are the copper backsplash and the slate backsplash. Glass tile backsplashes also make stunning designs.

#7 Kitchen Remodeling With Sinks: Features Of Kitchen Sinks

If you are making a layout of your kitchen renovating floor plan, the kitchen sink is an important element of that plan. Kitchen sinks are an essential part of a kitchen work triangle. A practical kitchen planner thinks of how each aspect of the workspace relates to each other.kitchen remodeling with sinks

Moreover, energy efficient types of kitchens have proper design geared towards the efficient use of available space. Aside from the sink, other elements of the kitchen include storage cabinets, the countertop worktable, the stove, and the refrigerator.

When you shop for kitchen products such as sinks, it would help if you had your kitchen design ideas in a checklist. Decide beforehand whether you want a single or a double or even a triple bowl sink.

See if a stone, stainless steel, ceramic, or composite is the right sink material for your interior design ideas. These are the choices you have to make when shopping for a kitchen sink for your renovation project.

#8 Creating A Stylish Kitchen With Islands

Once you have decided on your sink design and style, you will now have the choice of where to install. The two main kitchen design ideas are regular countertops and kitchen islands.kitchen remodeling with an island

Installing an island makes for a stylish layout for your kitchen remodeling. Kitchen islands are stand-alone structures in the middle of a room. It is composed of lower cabinets, a countertop with space for food preparation and small appliances, and the sink. Breakfast nooks could also be designed as kitchen islands. A new trend for small kitchens is the modular type island.

If you are starting out with your home building or perhaps adding on, then incorporating kitchen islands in the layout plan is easy. However, if you are remodeling an existing layout then will have to work with the space that is there.

#10 Light Up Your Kitchen With Various Kinds Lighting

A home improvement tip: it is very possible to achieve a designer dream home with the right kind of lighting. This aspect is oftentimes forgotten by amateur or diy designers. However, light is a crucial design element.

kitchen remodeling with lighting

This is also the reason why window placement is important for any kind of building structure. However, illuminating the kitchen workspace will take more than windows and window treatments. Lighting is key.

A comprehensive home remodeling checklist will include a mix of general lighting, decorative or accent lighting and task lighting. The various types available are recessed lighting, track lighting, under cabinet lighting. There are pendant lights and wall sconces and mini pendants. There are many lighting fixtures and bulbs available nowadays. The things to keep in mind are functionality, efficiency, and design.

#11 Kitchen Windows And Treatments

Artificial light isn’t the only source of illumination for your kitchen. Windows also bring in the natural light of the sun. Not only that, they also provide ventilation and a good view of the outside.kitchen remodeling windows

It is important to plan your kitchen windows around the principles of energy efficiency as well as factors such as waterproofing and weatherproofing. Window treatments can help with this, and also with your kitchen remodeling concerns regarding design.

There are many choices for windows in terms of style, make, and material. You can have a fixed or an operable window. You can choose window styles such as single hung or double hung sash windows. Then there is the casement window, the bay window, the garden or greenhouse window. You can have materials such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, or composite. When renovating windows, you have a choice of replacement windows or new construction windows.

Window treatments are also important accessories, and not only useful for their decorative appeal. The treatments that you choose can change the mood of a kitchen. Curtains, blinds, valance, and shades are examples of these. These help with regulating heat, light, and air that comes in and out of the room. Then there are more permanent window treatments such as shutters. These help with weatherproofing your windows as well as providing a distinct appeal to the architecture of your external façade.

#12 Options For Kitchen Flooring

Installing a floor is a major kitchen remodeling project. Floors are the most taken for granted area of kitchen design but also an important part of any room. Considering the fact that it is a major task, installing new kitchen flooring material would still be a practical and cost effective kitchen renovating project. This is because even just a change of flooring would improve the kitchen greatly.

The essentials to be kept in mind while choosing among flooring options are style coupled with durability. Another factor to consider is the practicalities of care and cleaning.

In a kitchen remodeling budget, the costing for installation and flooring materials is usually four percent of the entire remodeling cost. You can either ask a designer for help and advice; hire a professional to do it all, or do-it-yourself.

Kitchen flooring tiles are made of: vinyl, marble, sandstone, granite, laminate, rubber, and ceramic. A good option is the hardwood and softwood floors which could be in parquet, strip, or plank form.

#13 Moving Your Kitchen Outdoors

The move into the outdoor kitchen space and other outdoor rooms has become part of the contemporary style following the green homebuilding movement. Technology wise, developments have been swift. Manufacturers are coming up with many new kitchen products and appliances that are suitable for outdoor use.

Thus, a standard barbecue grill for an outdoor kitchen now has technological offshoots like the outdoor electrical grill, the outdoor convection grill, the grills with the searing option, aside from the gas grill, the charcoal grill, and the fire pit.

Having an outdoor kitchen is a step up to owning a green home. Kitchen remodeling for the outdoors is a great alternative and a welcome addition to the indoor kitchen.

With outdoor kitchens serving as an urban oasis, it is quite easy to accommodate a large number of guests for entertaining. Spending outdoors with your family during mealtimes is also an enjoyable option.

Appliances and accessories for the outdoor kitchen include products like the grill trolley, the convection grill cart, the portable outdoor kitchen. There are even more permanent outdoor structures such as the outdoor kitchen cabinet, sink, and countertop. Then there are specially designed outdoor kitchen appliances such as outdoor kitchen refrigerators & freezers, and even outdoor kitchen stereos and outdoor kitchen tvs.

The Remodeling And Kitchen Design Guide Made Easy

These then are most of the concerns in a kitchen remodel. Use it as your guide to creating your ideal kitchen, choosing the right room design, updating a kitchen, and to find your favorite kitchen style. Get inspired with the options and kitchen trends.

Whether you desire an old world kitchen style for your kitchen remodeling; or a contemporary kitchen, a French quarter kitchen design, a Tuscan kitchen design, an arts and crafts kitchen motif, or just an extra outdoor kitchen space or to add new life to an old kitchen, there are actually more than 10 tips to do this.

In a nutshell, you could embark on a kitchen makeover just by improving the room’s lighting design. With just a change of paint or cabinet wood veneer, it is possible to come up with a stunning kitchen facelift. And for a full kitchen renovation: you can tile a kitchen floor, install cabinets and cabinet hardware, even have a kitchen island or build you own outdoor kitchen on the patio. The possibilities are endless. All you need for a kitchen remodeling dream to come to life is to imagine it, plan well, and start building your dream kitchen.

How to Use FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

How to Use FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

In my opinion, Vacuum Food Sealers are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Even though some may have a hefty price tag, the money you will save in food cost and automobile gas savings alone will make up for the initial investment. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer may be used for dry goods, frozen or refrigerated foods all with equivalent accomplishment.

how to use foodsaver vacuum sealer

How to Use FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

Our freezer is worth a fortune in the fall after harvesting the garden, as well as during the rest of the year after we have purchased our 1/4 Black Angus beef and a 1/2 pig, both all sliced up to the perfect cuts and vacuum packed in the freezer. The storage life will dramatically increase when the air has been removed from the product correctly and totally sealed and put into the freezer.

Because there are so many different models and levels of vacuum food sealers, do your homework first and make your mind up which will be the best model for you. They range from just a bag sealer, which only seals the bag without removing air, all the way up to a commercial grade sealer that allows you to vacuum bags without having to wait for the sealer to cool down as much.

Here are some ideas that I believe are quite key when vacuum sealing foods.

1. When you start a project, make sure you have plenty of material, either bags or rolls. Nothing is worse than having say ten pounds of beef and just enough material for eight of those ten pounds.

2. If you have a regular type vacuum sealer, don’t make a production line out of the process. In other words, don’t bag everything up and then seal them all up one right after the other. Your vacuum sealer will heat up and in all probability shut off for a period of time before letting you continue. As an alternative, fill one bag, clean the inside sealing portion of the bag and seal it up prior to moving on to the next bag. A good quality commercial grade vacuum sealer will allow you to seal several bags at a time, however, they are rather expensive. So you must read official Vacuum Sealer Reviews on official blogs to buy the authentic one.

3. Make sure you leave ample room above the food in the bag when sealing. About three inches is just fine and gives you plenty of room to work with the food and the bag at the same time.

4. When possible, always buy bags by the roll. This way you have total control of how large you want the bags to be. If you buy gallon size bags, which generally are 20 or more bags to the box, you may be sealing more food in one bag then what you would eat at one setting. With the rolls, you can make the bags the ideal size for your meals. If you are a single person or cooking for an entire family, make the bags your size.

5. Liquids in your food. This can cause quite a mess when vacuum sealing. There are a number of methods you can choose so that you don’t ruin your machine as a result of sucking the juice into the sealer. If you use a marinade, try a dry or wet rub as an alternative previous to packing. Dry rubs are all the rage nowadays when cooking on the grill. If there is juice in the foods, like fruits for example or after cooking down the squash, bag it and put it into the freezer for a few hours until the liquids are frozen, then vacuum seal the bag.

6. Here’s a neat trick for freezing soups. Freeze them first in plastic microwaveable bowls, then run them under running hot water to pop them out of the bowl, put into freezer bag and seal. Instant soup for later.

7. Some foods, (like hamburgers, baked goods, etc.), are a little difficult to vacuum seal since the sealer may be too strong for the food and squish it making it kind of unappetizing to cook. As I said previously, do your research first when buying your machine. There are sealers that have settings so that less air is pulled out or the machine senses when it needs to stop so that foods do not get squashed. Or, shape them and freeze them first before bagging and sealing.

8. When you will be opening and resealing the bag, make certain first of all that you make the bag lengthy enough to be able to reseal it with ample room. That is the reason I employ the three-inch rule above. When you open the bag, cut it right at the seal, take out what you need, then reseal the bag and put back into the freezer.

9. Most bag materials can stand the test of repeated sealing as long as you follow this simple measure: Clean the bag with hot water, simply turn the bag inside out and put on top rack of your dishwasher or wash it under running hot water right in the kitchen sink and make sure the bag is dry prior to using again. The exception is with raw meats, just throw the bag away, this reduces the possibility of cross-contamination.

10. Last but not least, read the instructions that came with your vacuum sealing machine. I know, most people don’t read the instructions, but at least browse through them just to get familiar with your device to prevent any messes while using. Remember, using your machine incorrectly will cause troubles in the future and messes at the present.

Bob Nielsen is co-owner of the Food Sealer Shop, an online retail store. His website offers some of the best high-quality Vacuum Food Sealers and Food Dehydrators on the internet for your everyday packaging of nutritious foods on a fixed budget. His products are always at cheap discount prices because he is an authorized online re-seller of numerous major brand name manufacturers, thus cutting out the middle-man and passing the savings on to you. When you visit it you can be assured of receiving FAST shipping direct to your door as well as 100% SAFE secure checkout.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Bags

FoodSaver BagsVacuum sealer bags are the main reason that your foods will stay fresher longer. Anyone who owns a Food Saver vacuum sealer understands that the bags can become quite expensive if you have to constantly replace them; that is the reason that so many people want to know if you can reuse the old bags.

The answer to this question is going to vary from person to person; however, as long as you follow some of these tips then there is absolutely no reason that you can not reuse the old bags.

Foodsaver Bag Reusing Tips

1. Dry Storage: It is vital that you only use the bags that have been used for dry storage. If you have used the bag to store anything that can cause the bag to become wet then you will not want to reuse the bag.

It all comes down to common sense when trying to reuse the storage bags. We all know that safety is going to play a huge role in your decision; do not try reusing any of the bags that have been used to store meats.

2. Size: If you plan on reusing the bag then you should know that you are going to lose about an inch every time that you reseal it. It is important that you leave enough room on it so you can reseal it and store whatever you are trying to store.

3. Cleaning: Just like anything else you will want to ensure that you clean out the bags that you are planning on reusing. All you have to do is take a wet wash cloth and wipe it out; or you can try running it under hot water if just to ensure that it is completely clean.

4. Green Bags: We have learned that when you are trying to keep your vegetables fresh longer then you may want to invest in the green bags that you have most likely seen on television. The truth is that they do really help your vegetables stay fresher longer.

When it comes to using the vacuum sealer bags you are going to realize that they can be used for so much more than just storing food. Be sure to browse our site and learn all about how this household product can easily save you money every month.